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People often ask me what is the number one cause of divorce.

I tell the person, the "loss of respect."

The person who asked expected answers such as infidelity, abuse or a lack of love. Those are all true answers, but those are all the "effect." The "cause" to each and every other divorce I witness starts with a loss of respect.

"Respect" is not a word we use often in our daily lives.

There are two kinds - respect for another and self-respect.

Self-respect is not an over-inflated ego. Boastfulness or a brash personality often accompanies an insecure person whose need for control (an adolescent illusion) dictates their words and actions. Show me a calm man or woman who is thoughtful, kind and confident, and does not attempt to intimidate others, and I will show you one not only possesses self-respect but shows it to others who earn it.

I am a family law attorney. I enjoy my career and helping good men and women obtain great family law representation. However, my first and true love from a very young age, the one that drove me to the law, was prose. The written and spoken word is more powerful than any other tool or weapon men and women hold or wield.

It is why I started this website years ago and why I recently removed it from the shelf, dusted it off and gave it a new life. Let us have a dialogue about life, love, and charity, and how we can strive to be better humans by that which eludes us so often in our daily lives - The respect with which we make our choices and that which we show others.

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