About Me?

Just writing those two words bored me to tears.

Eternal Optimism Meets Insatiable Curiosity About How Things Work

The most important thing about me is I am an eternal optimist who believes in every adversity and life challenge is an opportunity. That may be why I practice family law.

Most of my colleagues and even friends and family think it's a crazy area of law and I often get the "don't you get tired of the emotions and the fighting?" I suppose from the outside looking in, that is what most people think of divorce - bitterness, even hatred - but I don't represent clients who have that at the heart of their motivations and actions. You take a good person, one of character and integrity, whether they are a hard-working businessman or woman or a homemaker and help them through what may be the most difficult part of their life and you have done something special.

That is why I practice family law and that is why I do it differently than 95% of other lawyers. It's not about the fight - of course that will happen on some cases - it's about the opportunity for a new beginning and, for some clients, a new life.

Professionally, now you know what makes me tick.

Personally, I cannot live without books. If I am not spending time with my family, I am reading - Evolutionary biology, genetics, artificial intelligence, programming languages and coding, philosophy, economics, and, as my guilty pleasures, American and English poetry and American history.

Life is not long enough to learn everything I want to learn and too short to not try.

I am a die-hard hockey fan and my team for over three decades has been my beloved Los Angeles Kings.

I am an avid and, if I do say so myself, pretty not bad golfer.

But all of that means nothing without my family. My wife, who is my rock, and two children are the perpetual joy in my life and I work hard to be that for them. Raising children is the single most rewarding experience of my life and everything else is a distant second. There hasn't been a court victory (and all humility aside, we win a lot at my firm) that has brought me more joy than seeing our son and daughter grow up. I have the good fortune (read: dumb luck) of having a wonderful and supportive wife who not only tolerates me but has been the wind at my sails more times than I can count.

I suppose that is who we all are at our core - whether it's the first marriage or the third makes no difference. What matters is that there are people in this world you love and who love you back. Is there anything more meaningful? If there is, I have yet to find it.

I hope you enjoy the pages of this site and come back often.